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Stamped Concrete … what?

Ok, so there is a new trend these days in the hard scape world. Instead of actually laying down brick pavers and other type of small block-work, there has been an increase in popularity with the use of stamped concrete.

Stamped concrete allows for that look of natural brick pavers or elegant masonry without the time consuming planning of each individual block. This cuts cost (although it can be expensive), and you are achieving a similar result.

In my opinion, and I am not sure about this, but laying down a solid slab of concrete and then stamping it may be more of a problem than its worth. Because it is one piece of concrete, you are potentially dealing with cracks that cannot be excluded like normal brick pavers.

That is just my opinion. BUT – never the less, there is an increase in demand for stamped concrete and I am sure it will continue to get more popular as the days come.…

Welcome to Asphalt America

As the name implies, you’ve made it to Asphalt America. This is a site dedicated to not only asphalt, but other contracting services. I, Nick, just happen to be in the asphalt business myself, which is why I have named it what it is today. Return back for my 411 on different asphalt companies and techniques throughout the industry and thanks for stopping by.