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Get sealcoating for your asphalt! Quickly!

Nick here,

There are some things you should know about an asphalt job- especially when you are in the market for a new driveway or parking lot. Since asphalt is porous, it is suseptable to the elements. Rain, snow, debris and various other materials can seep into the porosoity of the asphalt leading it to crack and become damaged. You need to invest in protecting your asphalt. That is where sealcoating comes in. With a properly sealed driveway, you are protecting your asphalt from cracking and becoming damaged due to the elements. You are protecting your investment by going with a good sealcoating company.

When dealing with sealcoaters, you need to do research. Since it is pretty easy to learn how to do, and obtain the correct materials, you need to make sure that your sealcoating company is legit. Doing things like review searches, and asking around are your best bet. Make sure they’ve been around and are a well trusted company. It is very easy to mess up a sealcoating job and this is likely to happen when you deal with a less the great sealcoating service. My paving company does not currently do sealcoating, so we use a trusted company in our area called Sealcoating Scranton PA for our work.

This company not only stays up to date with the industry standards, they are kind to our customers and are family owned. They use very high quality sealer when they do their jobs and operate quickly. I highly recommend them if you’re in the Scranton area looking for a sealcoater.

Aside from that, paving and sealcoating can make your property stand out among the rest of the neighborhood or other businesses. We often say that the driveway or parking lot is the welcome mat to your business, and if it looks unkept it will likely deter potential clients. We always urge our clients to get their asphalt sealcoated after asphalt paving.

Well I hope you’re enjoying the tips and tricks of my asphalt blog. Stick around, and I am sure you’ll enjoy the many posts to come.



Stamped Concrete … what?

Ok, so there is a new trend these days in the hard scape world. Instead of actually laying down brick pavers and other type of small block-work, there has been an increase in popularity with the use of stamped concrete.

Stamped concrete allows for that look of natural brick pavers or elegant masonry without the time consuming planning of each individual block. This cuts cost (although it can be expensive), and you are achieving a similar result.

In my opinion, and I am not sure about this, but laying down a solid slab of concrete and then stamping it may be more of a problem than its worth. Because it is one piece of concrete, you are potentially dealing with cracks that cannot be excluded like normal brick pavers.

That is just my opinion. BUT – never the less, there is an increase in demand for stamped concrete and I am sure it will continue to get more popular as the days come.…

What to expect when driveway paving.

Many of you reading this blog are home owners. There is no doubt that, at some point you will be faced with needing to either dig out an existing driveway or pave a new driveway. This could be a very stressful situation. You will be spending a fair amount of money if you go with a professional paver and you want it done right the first time. This blog is geared towards those who are just thinking about driveway paving and need some advice. The do’s and don’ts of asphalt if you will..

  • Do – get many quotes.

Thats right. Do your research when it comes to getting new asphalt on your property. There are many second rate asphalt companies that will over promise and under deliver. Some are not even licensed, I have even heard horror stories of paving companies either never showing up after being paid OR leaving the job half done. Unacceptable. To this end, there are ways to decide if a company is legit. The most tried and true way is word of mouth. If someone has used this company with good results and you’ve seen the work, that is your best way to judge. If this is not able to happen, you can research the company and see if they have pictures of their work that has been done. If it is a commercial property, drive there. Speak with the owner. Did they have a good experience?

  • Do- Check their credentials

You’re already checking their site. Look at their license. is it up to date? Are they registered with more than one state?

  • Do- Get more than one estimate.

When looking for the right paving company, the best way to get it done is get 3 different estimates, and go with the middle guy. More often than not, the highest bid will be overcharging you while the lowest bid can possibly use below standard materials for their jobs. This combined with the fact that they may use workers who are not up to date with the current standards. With that labor, the results may be sub optimal and you will likely not enjoy the finished product.

  • Don’t – wait until the last minute.

If you have a quota to make, be sure to give yourself plenty of time to research. If you are rushing to find a paving contractor, you will likely choose one out of sheer last minute stress.

  • Don’t- settle for the estimate.

Try and get them down on their price. If they want to stay competitive they know that the price might be altered to get the job.

  • Don’t – Pay all at once.

If you are unsure about the company and their quality of work, ask if you can split half the cost before and half at the end of the project. If they are legit, they should have no trouble heeding to this suggestion.

With those little tid bits of advice, you now can knowledgable look for a paving contractor for your next project.  As stated prior, don’t settle. Get a few different quotes, and as always, haggle!



Welcome to Asphalt America

As the name implies, you’ve made it to Asphalt America. This is a site dedicated to not only asphalt, but other contracting services. I, Nick, just happen to be in the asphalt business myself, which is why I have named it what it is today. Return back for my 411 on different asphalt companies and techniques throughout the industry and thanks for stopping by.